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The one thing that is guaranteed is that one day we will all leave this life as we know it. Would it be nice to take control of our final journey?


Making arrangements now can make a massive difference and remove the huge financial burden from the loved ones you leave behind. Often those left behind will be emotionally distressed and if you have not made arrangements the they will be left making all the decisions at the worst possible time.

Making plans now will give you peace of mind that your family will not be left to arrange the entire funeral, but instead will be able to celebrate your life at a ceremony conducted to your wishes.

Which Plan Should I Have?


Taking out a funeral plan today is your way of protecting against the rising cost of your funeral. Over recent years the cost of a funeral has risen well above the inflation rate and is expected continue to do so. How much will they continue to rise? Nobody knows but many people often seriously underestimate the amount needed to fund their final journey.

Finding the money to pay for a funeral can put loved ones under increased stress, at what can be a very traumatic time.

We offer a range of fyneral plans designed to suir your every requirement. 

We will be happy to discuss with you your specific request and if one of the designated plans does not meet with your needs, then we will be happy to write a bespoke plan to cover your exact wishes.

You can also upgrade your plan at the later dater if you wish. Planning ahead spares the financial burden on the loved ones ensuring peace of mind at a very difficult time.

Planning your funeral
Why take out a funeral plan?
Scenario 1

Janet and John have been together for a long time. They have worked hard throughout their lives, brought up children and are now looking forward to a long and happy retirement. They own their own home, have their pension income and some savings to spend on holidays and days out.


Being on a fixed income means their savings are likely to reduce, especially as low interest rates mean they do not expect any growth in their savings.


Suddenly and unexpectedly John passes away. Apart from the shock and traumatic stress for the family. Janet is left with having to organise and pay for his funeral.


Visiting her local funeral director she is distressed at the cost of arranging the funeral and she will have to pay out of her savings as John does not have a funeral plan or life policy.


Janet not only has the emotional distress of arranging the funeral and paying at today's price, she is also left worrying about how she will pay for her own funeral. This could affect her ability to cope financially without John and would mean less inheritance to
her children.

Scenario 2

Peter and Pauline are good friends of Janet and John. They are around the same age and retired at the same time. They also own their own home, have pensions and some savings. However, some time ago they made an informed choice and both invested in funeral plans.


They both wanted to ensure they could have a decent send off and not leave any financial burden on the remaining partner or the family. They both listed their individual wishes for their funerals, including the hymns and prayers and this was then stored with the plans.


They were both satisfied they had paid for their respective funerals and were left with peace of mind that this would not fall on their loved ones to arrange and find the monies needed. When they took out their plans they both received a membership pack and some information cards to give to the family explaining everything and what to do when the fateful day arrives.


All that is needed is one phone call to Silver Clouds 24 hour help line, or the nominated funeral director, and all the necessary plans will be put into place.


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